Mystery of the Abyss – A Decisions Adventure

Mystery of the Abyss is an interactive story-driven stealth action game. In this science fiction adventure of deep sea exploration, the decisions you make will determine the outcome of the story.

“8,400 Meters below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, a mysterious signal has been detected. Contact has been lost with the automated drone sent to investigate, and now it’s your job to guide explorer Alex Monroe through extreme environments and challenging obstacles to uncover the Mystery of the Abyss.”

The game features:
– An interactive storyline where your decisions affect the outcome
– A variety of mysterious environments
– Challenging obstacles requiring stealth and planning to overcome
– Hours of gameplay
– Over 30 levels and 6 different endings
– Play offline – no internet connection required
– No ads or in-game purchases

PLEASE NOTE: Mystery of the Abyss has been developed to be played on tablets and larger cell phones (5″ diagonal or greater). The environment is immersive and atmospheric, and requires robust graphical performance from the players‘ device. Moderate to higher-end devices should yield excellent gameplay results, however older devices and smaller cell phones may result in poor performance and/or frustration on the part of the player.

‘Decisions Adventures’ are a planned series of interactive science fiction stories created for an audience between the ages of 10-14 years of age, written to a fifth or sixth grade reading level. The purpose of this series is to promote an appreciation for reading by combining elements of traditional video gameplay and interactive narrative. The player who completes all six endings will have read the equivalent of a science fiction novel or short story. All our adventures are crafted to promote logical thinking, planning, and patience. They do not include player-participatory violence or supernatural elements. We hope you will enjoy ‘Mystery of the Abyss’, as well as our coming installment ‘The Catacombs of Chaos’ anticipated later this year.

Download now to start your interactive adventure, and discover the ‘Mystery of the Abyss’!