Dragons Vs Aliens

*ATTENTION* I am aware of the purchasing Dragon Dollars issue….I am working on it and will have it working ASAP….

you can still earn Alien Skulls and Dragon Dollars ingame, you just have to fly for them 🙂
and earning achievements…. you can still convert them to Dragon Dollars…and Vice versa…10-100 10 dragon dollars gets you 100 alien Skulls…100 alien skulls gets you 10 Dragon Dollars…you can Only get the new Dragons with dragon Dollars.

due to the purchasing issues and a couple other bugs…I am lowering the price to .99 untill it is working properly, the bugs do not diminish the game play!

Dragons vs Aliens is a classic throw back to the side scroller, with endless action a difficult game that will drive you crazy,The GAME that is NOT the ads….because Dragons vs Aliens is an Ad free game….. Aliens have invaded earth and decimated the humans, in so doing they have disturbed a long sleeping creature of old, The Dragon…flying, fire breathing and full of Rage…..start out as a baby dragon with limited power, Upgrade to being an Adult and blast those alien scum off the face of the earth..
Collect power up to upgrade your dragon to lethal force…
different Dragons have different weapons like Fire breath, Ice, lightning..

collect Aliens Skulls to upgrade the Baby Skins, and dragon Dollars to purchase Different Dragons….
Dragon Dollars are ingame currency that can be purchased, yet everything can be gotten without any ingame purchasing.

2 levels come with the game.
one with a cracked screen one without….

when the Dragon goes into a rage points are doubled…if you fly long enough you may even see the Alien Mother ship appear…

lots of explosions and all around fun, I hope you enjoy my game!